Whistleblower Guide

We act for whistleblowers subject to criminal prosecution or civil action (such as dismissal) for their ethical disclosures.

Individuals observing corrupt behaviour in either government or the corporate sector often face a difficult, dangerous and lonely road.  Although confusing, Australian legislation offers some protection for ethical disclosures through the Public Interest Disclosure Act and the Corporations Act. We can advise and guide individuals on how best to shield themselves when considering whether to report or expose sensitive information.

We created a whistleblowing map (here) for some guidance on the twisting road to gain protection. You do not need to provide any personal information to step through the guide.

For individuals who are prosecuted or dismissed, we offer ‘low bono’ options and advise on potential crowd funding.  For individuals who have yet to disclose and are seeking ongoing advice our flat rate consultancy fee is $4,000.

We can meet in discreet locations in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide. We utilise and provide discrete communication devices and platforms (what devices would we provide?). As you will be seeking legal advice we will vigorously assert that any communications between us are protected by client legal privilege.

To be clear, our whistleblower advisory service is not intended for individuals with workplace grievances or employment disputes. If you fall into that category, we can provide you with relevant and appropriate advice for your particular situation.

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